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Do you use precision farming techniques or smart farming technologies?

Date Published: 02/05/2023

Can you help Professor Julie Ingram (Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI), University of Gloucestershire) and Professor Ruth Nettle (Rural Innovation Research Group, University of Melbourne) with their new research investigating the lived experiences of farmers implementing technologies on-farm and the experiences of farm advisers and companies supporting their use?

Julie and Ruth would like to interview farmers, farm advisers and technology companies about their experiences, including any changes to work routines, tasks and skills needed in implementing technologies.

Technologies and services of interest:

  • Use of sensors on the farm that may be linked to farm data ‘dashboards’ to aid or make decisions (e.g. grass measurement, weather stations, soil moisture, animal welfare/cow monitoring devices, fertilizer application, etc)
  • Automation and/or robotics for field operations, milking, harvesting, packing or other areas of farming
  • Use of farm software that uses machine learning or integrates data from different devices across the farm to aid farm management, environmental reporting or marketing needs.

The research is being conducted in the UK and Australia.

All participants in the research will receive a summary of the findings and will be invited to a workshop to discuss the implications for improving the value and benefit from farm technology use. It is hoped that the different insights from the two countries will contribute to new ways of thinking about implementation of smart technologies on-farm.

For more information about the research and/or to provide your details to be contacted for an interview you can use this link: https://forms.gle/bKVz8UEE8H8raa7T8

Or contact Julie or Ruth directly: