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Defra Sustainable Farming Incentive update published

Date Published: 02/12/2021

Following the Environment Secretary’s speech outlining his vision for the future of agriculture, Defra published more detail on our new environmental land management scheme, the Sustainable Farming Incentive. The document is called Sustainable Farming Incentive – how the scheme will work in 2022.

Defra will provide an update on the Future Farming blog and publish additional content on our social media channels. Please encourage your members/contacts to subscribe to these sources and do ask me if you have any questions.

The new document builds on the information we published about the scheme in the Agricultural Transition Plan: June 2021 progress update. It includes a lot of information – including detail on eligibility, applications, payments, the Annual Health and Welfare Review and more.

It also provides even more information on the standards that will be available from 2022, and how we intend to expand the scheme until the full offer is available in 2025.

This information should help provide the next level of detail necessary for farmers to make the right decisions for them and their business. 


In terms of wider future farming policy – we want to give farmers the opportunity to share their views and help us solve the issues that matter to them most. Joining one of our co-design groups is your chance to get involved. You’ll partner with us and help shape how we’re developing rural policies. This could include attending discussion forums to share your experience with scientists and policy makers, or testing new online services (like applying for a grant). Find out more and sign up – and please don’t hesitate to share this information with your members/contacts.


There is a transcript available of the Environment Secretary's speech.