IAgrM Annual Review 2021

2 | events@iagrm.com www.iagrm.org.uk | 3 It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Institute’s first Annual Review. The new publication succeeds The Journal of Agricultural Management, which was published for the last time at the end of 2020. I commend the unique breadth of articles you are about to enjoy to you. The contributors to this Annual Review are all members of our Institute and many I am honoured to say, sit on the National Council which I have had the privilege to chair since October 2019. You will find articles reporting on Institute activities while others share their insights into current topics all relevant to agricultural management. All are worthy of inclusion from contributors that showcase all that is great about our Institute. It is a cliché, but nonetheless true to say the pandemic has changed everything. As we have all found during the past eighteen months or so, change can be painful when we lose connection with those close to us and when we find ourselves in a constant state of uncertainty. But change can be happy and exciting too. It’s helpful to know that change is not a bad thing. In fact, it has the power to challenge and shape us all into being more resilient, capable of adapting and thriving. I am pleased to report that your Institute is thriving and has quickly adapted and changed with the times. Our membership has grown and currently stands at over 1,100. A series of 60-minute CPD webinars open to members and non- members alike have been extremely well received and are now in their second series. The Farm Management Skills programme has now successfully run for a second series. This year the National Farm Management Conference was held at the QEII Centre in London. As we emerge from lockdowns and restrictions, it is a pleasure to be able to attend visits and meetings in person once again. Local branches and groups are also beginning to meet in person too. As well as the national events, I urge you to support your local branch events, the true lifeblood of this Institute. Feedback, comments, and suggestions on this publication as well as contributions for next year’s would be gratefully received by our Director, Victoria Bywater. I hope you enjoy this inaugural edition. Keep and stay safe. CONTENTS CHAIRMAN’S FORWARD MARK ROBINS , PFIAgrM CHAIRMAN, IAgrM 3 CHAIRMAN’S FORWARD 4 AYEAR IN REVIEW FOR THE IAGRM IN NORTHERN IRELAND 5 ECONOMICS, GEOPOLITICS AND FOOD SECURITY 6 UK AGRICULTURE AND SUSTAINABILITY; POLICY, SOILS AND THE FUTURE OF FOOD 9 TRADITIONAL MEETS MODERN 10 WHAT HAS HAPPENEDWITH BREXIT? 12 TECHNOLOGY AND FARM MANAGEMENT 13 IAGRM FARM MANAGEMENT SKILLS PROGRAMME - A DELEGATES PERSPECTIVE 14 BIG CHALLENGES FOR TENANTS DESPITE DETAILED IMPROVEMENT 15 ARE CONTRACT FARMING AGREEMENTS HERE TO STAY? 16 2021 CONFERENCE: A GREAT SUCCESS 18 FELLOWS GET A BEHIND-THE-SCENES PEEK OF BLENHEIM 19 FARMPLANNER OF THEYEAR COMPETITION 20 FARM MANAGEMENT AWARD 2020 21 FARM MANAGEMENT AWARD 2021 22 EVOLUTION OF LAND MANAGEMENT SCHEMES 25 NI INSTITUTE MEMBERS HELP SHAPE FUTURE FARM POLICY 26 MEMBERS LIST