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Tim Cotterill SIAgrM

Tim Cotterill is a student member of the Institute who is currently studying for a BSc (Hons) Agriculture with Farm Business Management at Harper Adams University. He has grown up on an arable farm in North Warwickshire and has recently completed a 12-month industry placement working for agricultural management consultants, Wilson Wraight LLP, in Suffolk. Tim aims to carry forward his passion for combinable crop production following his studies, be that through progressing with the family business or other consultancy work.

How does Institute membership help you in your current role?

IAgrM plays an integral role in strengthening my personal and professional development. Since joining the Institute in 2019 it has provided a means of consolidating and applying the content I have learnt during my studies, while allowing me to build an extensive network of farm business management contacts. The Institute also keeps me up to date with the latest agricultural trends and sparks ideas as to how I am going to navigate this period of immense change that the industry is undergoing.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years’ time?

While I plan to keep my options open in the short-term, a role within practical farm management and/or management consultancy is where I see myself operating in the next 5-10 years.

Ensuring continued professional development throughout my career will be critical to my long-term success and attaining my FACTS and BASIS certificates is one example of how I wish to broaden my knowledge and skillset following my studies.

How will membership help you reach this goal?  What is the biggest benefit to you of membership?

For me, it’s all about people. People, people, people… My membership has already opened countless doors through the network I have built in the last three years.  The transfer of information and experience from the more senior members to student members such as myself is where I see the greatest benefit.

Most recently, I was fortunate enough to receive sponsorship from the Institute to attend the 23rd International Farm Management Association (IFMA) Congress in Denmark which brought endless opportunities and benefits.

How regularly do you attend regional/national events?

Sadly, not as much as I would like to at present. While working in Suffolk I attended several Mid Anglia IAgrM Branch Meetings as well as the National Farm Walk at Bradford Estates. I wish to attend events as regularly as possible after completing my final year of studies.