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Alison Bailey FIAgrM

Alison Bailey is Professor of Farm Management and Head of the Department of Land Management and Systems at Lincoln University, New Zealand.  She is responsible for delivery of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a wide range of agricultural and horticultural related subjects, leading on research in farm management, and is a member of the University Farm Management Committee which includes dairy, hill sheep and beef, and cropping farms.

How does institute membership help you in your current role?

Membership was invaluable for networking and CPD at both local and national levels when I was still in the UK.  Originally I joined as just a member but progressed to being on the journal editorial committee, branch committee and eventually became chair of my local branch.  I still maintain my membership as it is a way to receive information about what is happening in the UK agricultural sector.

I have joined the New Zealand equivalent which provides similar networking opportunities and CPD opportunities as well as running a national conference and producing a journal.

Where of you see yourself in 5-10 years and how will membership help you reach your goal?

Still involved in the teaching and research of farm management in New Zealand. Agriculture will still be a key contributor to the New Zealand economy and I will have a key role in this. Would like this to include a greater involvement in the horticultural sector.

Membership helped me get to New Zealand…so significantly!

How regularly do you attend regional and national events?

Sadly never now, but I was a regular attender at local branch events and the National Farm Management Conference.

What is the biggest benefit of membership?

Undoubtedly networking with a wide range of people from across a diverse industry.