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2023 Conference

Globally agriculture is seen as one the key causes of climate change and biodiversity loss but it also offers some of the most innovative and scalable solutions to these environmental challenges. As the regenerative agriculture movement mainstreams, a return to a more holistic and integrated approach to production agriculture challenges some of the perceived wisdoms around crop and livestock husbandry adopted during the latter part of the 20th century. This is overlayed by the fourth agricultural revolution: the use of data and technology to refine input use, minimise externalities and automate traditionally labour-intensive sectors.  Technology will change both the way farms are managed and food supply chains operate over the coming decades.  But are these approaches complementary or in conflict? What will farms and food systems of the future look like? And will farmers become more specialised and differentiated in their approach or will the most successful mainstream business embrace ‘traditional’ production approaches with the latest innovation? 


Join us at the QEII Centre on 7 November 2023 for an impressive array of speakers including:

  • Professor Sir Charles Godfray, Oxford Universtiy
  • Sam Hall, Director, Conservative Environment Network
  • Will Jennings, CEO, Rabobank UK
  • Paul Cherry, Pioneering Regenerative Farmer & Founder, Groundswell Agriculture
  • Wil Oliver, AH Oliver, Leicestershire
  • Flavian Obiero, Pit Unit Manager, Tile Barn Farm
  • Martin Davis, Head of Nuveen Natural Capital
  • Lord Taylor of Holbeach, IAgrM President